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Every class Nako would be the firsts’ people in class in the morning but usually when she gets there she will always get tired so she will sleep until Iruka sensei will come in.

One day Nako was sleeping as usual and putted her head on the table and her arms will cover her face. That was until she heard loud noises she figured that it was Sasukes’ fan girls. Every time Nako will hear that she will start to get annoyed and change position of her sleeping. She places her arms on the table and rests her head like a pillow while her heading was facing to the left where Sasuke and the girls will be. To try to give notice that some one is sleeping and will shut up.

From where Sasuke was sitting he will be in his usual position and will stare at the front of the class and he started to look around and saw Nako sleeping. He saw her face, her peaceful, cute and innocent face. He started to feel a bit weird every time he will see Nako sleeping or seeing her face.

- Nako thought: OMG~! I come here early to get some freaking sleep~! And all I can get is 10 minutes before the girls start yelling… ughhh… mendokuse * how troublesome*…-

“ Okay~! Everyone to your seats class is about to begin” Iruka said as he came into the door. When he was at the table he saw Nako sleeping .

“ Na~! NAKO~! Oriko~!! * wake – up *  Class is going to begin”

Nako slowly opened her eyes and stretched and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, she yawned

“ Ohayo.. sensei.. * morning… teacher* ”

Iruka smiled. He knows that you like to sleep before class starts and he knows the reasons why * family stuff* so he won’t blame you or yells at you for sleeping before class.

” Sa-te hajimemashou * Well then let’s begin*”

- Class ended-

“ Okay everyone that’s it for today I’ll see you guys tomorrow”

Nako sighed and was relief that class has ended, she needed more sleep. Just then her friend Naruto comes and sits next to her.

“ Yo nako~!”

Nako smiled and said hi back to him. He was your friend one of the friends that you hang out and you talk to him about your family problems and he gives good advice.

“ ahha~ I see you are wearing that again”

A smile appeared and looked at your left hand. It was a ring bracelet; it had a cross on the ring and a bigger cross as the chain.

” Of course~ it just tells me that I need more faith for my family~ “ you said while smiling again and lifting your hand up high and staring at it while the light reflects off it. Then she started to look around and caught Sasuke staring at her she smiled at him but he looked away, she chuckled lightly and got up.

” gomen na~ * I’m sorry*  Naruto I gotta go home~ I’ll see you tomorrow~” Then Nako left.


* Next day*

- Nako thought: okay I came here extra early so that I can get more sleep before they start to be loud-

Nako enters the room and she thought she was the only person in the room and scans around until she found Sasuke sitting at his spot.

- Nako thought: uh-oh… please don’t tell me that they are already here… This is impossible! I just want to get some sleep.. ughh-

She then slowly and sluggishly made her way up stairs to her seat while Sasuke was staring at her and rests her head on the table. 10 minutes of her sleeping she felt someone shifting her she didn’t bother to see who is was and kept on sleeping and found a more comfortable place to sleep and snuggled and kept on sleeping.




“ SASUKE~!!!”

- nako thought: omg…. Here is it again.. but its so weird it sounds they are so close to me.. what the hell… ughh I can’t take it any more…-

Nako started to open her eyes and saw all the girls surrounding her giving her death glares. She started to yawn
“ ohayo…why are you guys –“ Sakura yelled interrupting her

“ NAKO~! NANI O SHITERU~! * what are you doing*”

Nako started to look around more and she found out that she was sleeping against Sasuke shoulder; she was in shock and was confused of what happen.

“ I was sleeping… I’m pretty sure you see every day trying to get some sleep here- oh wait I forgot who am I talking to.. you were probably to busy trying to talking to Sasuke…”


“ I don’t know… I was SLEEPING~!”

” WHY YOU LITTLE-“ Sasuke interrupts Sakura

“ urusai  * shut up/ your annoying* Sakura”

“ de-de-demo.. * B-B-But*”

“ just leave all of you, don’t annoy Nako while she is sleeping”

All the girls were in shocked and left to sit down in their own seats. When they sat down Nako can feel them staring at her and being jealous.

“ arigato * thanks*.. sasuke” Nako then started to put her head on the table again but then sasuke lifted her up bridal style and started to walk out side while carrying out the sleeping girl to the field  and lay down and make her lie on top of him watching her sleep and soon falling asleep him self.


* An hour later*

Nako started to wake up and saw that she was on top of Sasuke and in the field she didn’t know what happen but then saw that Sasuke was staring at her.

“ Hello sleepy head” Sasuke smiled
* Yawn* “ yo…. Ima nan-ji desu ka.. * what time is it*”

“  tabun kyuu-ji han *probably  nine thirty*”

“ O.O NINE THIRTY~!! We have to get back to class!!” Nako suddenly got up but Sasuke took her hand and pulled her back down.

“ daijoubu * it’s okay* … I told sensei already… figuring you need a  break.”
“ eh… ho-honto ka * really*?.... oh.. na.. sasuke.. why were you in class so early...”

“ that was because I knew you would come in early like you usually do and go to sleep… and every time you go to sleep you look so cute but at the same time uncomfortable sleeping like that so I came early and made you rest on my shoulder”

“ so… ka * I see* that’s why all the girls were all that… ahahaaa”

“ there is also another reason…” Nako looked at sasuke confused. “ I- I like you”

Nako was in shock hearing those words and from Sasuke and she can’t do anything but stare at him, them smile at him.

“ uhh~ ore mo~ daisuki~ * me too…. I like you*”

Sasuke hugged Nako and then leaned in for a kiss and she kissed back and broke apart then lied down in the field and slowly drifting off to sleep again. Hand in Hand.
for all of those people who know K-POP
BAP " ONLY ONE SHOT~!One shot, one chance"

but yea this is my first story or eva posting up something, so sorry if some things doesn't make any sense :L i'm still new T.T

and also the pictures on the top.. so there is the girl " nako" sleeping and the next one is my hand and wearing the ring braclet ^~^
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